A handyman or handyperson is an individual who can handle an array of projects at home. While many good laborers could do numerous jobs around a home, some of them will have preferences for what they can actually do. A majority of handypersons often appreciate the challenge of executing different jobs, even what they have not studied for. Handymen usually have tools for dozens of jobs and are well adept with using each tool. Here are some of the jobs in your home that you should consider hiring a handyman for.

Furniture Assembly and Repair

If you have purchased a flatpack kitchen or flatpack furniture, a handyman could be the right person to get that flatpack kit in order. And if it is a kitchen, they could also help you with installing it. While they might not have the knowledge and expertise to do the electrical work or hook up the plumbing, the truth is that they are the best option if you are looking to renovate your kitchen and furniture on a budget.

A good handyman is also capable of repairing furniture for you. A majority have small workshops in their garages in addition to being equipped with all the necessary woodworking tools. They will come to pick your broken furniture and repair it to restore it to its original state. While you have the option to hire a seasoned carpenter, you will obviously be surprised by the results a handyman can achieve. Besides knowing how to repair your pieces of furniture, a good handyman knows how to polish and stain your accessories to perfection.

Gutter Cleaning

Without proper cleaning, your gutters could easily become clogged with dirt and start impeding the flow of water which would result in continued overflows when it rains. And besides causing damage to your house walls, this overflow could also damage your foundation. While we are all aware of the importance of clean gutters, many people often overlook this task and do not even think about it. Instead of skipping the gutter cleaning job, it would be advisable that you hire a handyman to complete the job. Handymen often have their own ladders and will gladly clean out your pesky gutters for a better look.


Painting is one of the few age-old chores. And although people rarely need to do this chore often, the truth is that when the need to do it arises, they seek to hire professional painters for the job. However, the truth is that if it is not a whole house paint job, then it would be ideal to let a handyman to the job. You could hire them for fence painting, mailbox painting, or door painting.

Furniture Assembly

We have all experienced the frustration of purchasing furniture only to discover that we need to assemble it on our own. While the instructions on most furniture sets will be generally straightforward, it is better to let the handyman do the job for you.

An excellent attribute of handymen is that they possess a battery of skills that one can outsource instead of hiring professionals at a higher cost.