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Zamara Medical Aesthetics– located within Zmedi Healthcare, was originally created to provide aesthetic services to our Zmedi patients. Now open to all clients, we offer services and treatments to refine and enhance all areas of your skin needs. From botox and fillers to less invasive services such as facials and exfoliating peels, our trained and licensed professionals are here to take care of your needs. Give our office a call or schedule your free consultation and appointment online today!

Time Turned Back


Our skin’s collagen and elastin are responsible for keeping it strong, healthy-looking, and able to snap back to its original shape after stretching. Fat in the deeper subcutaneous layer of the skin gives the face a youthful fullness. We lose all three – collagen, elastin, and fat – over time, resulting in loose, sagging skin and the formation of unwanted creases or furrows on the face.

That’s where aesthetic treatments like dermal fillers and neuromodulator injections come in.

Restore & Renew

Skin Care

Smoother, more radiant skin with a glowing complexion can completely transform how you look and feel! Our medical-grade products for the face and body promote healing while also protecting your healthy skin. We only recommend the best for our patients, from facials, to peels, to microdermabrasion.

Star was really friendly. Zoe, the nurse practitioner, was so nice. She took her time to explain everything. She was so gentle and painless. Would definitely recommend.
Rita L.
Palos Heights
A very clean, professional, relaxing & informative skin care. I went for a facial that was amazing and also received an arm, hand upper back and shoulder massage with a oil/moisturizer that really nourished and hydrated my skin.
Debra M.
It's excellent!!!! I look 10 years younger. Following my injections, I was able to see immediate results. The team is fantastic and extremely professional. I was sent by a good friend, and I work in the medical field, so I have a lot of options. I'm glad I went with what I consider to be the best in the Chicagoland area.
Rosemary A.
Palos Park

Body & Skin Care