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Fillers for your lips are injections that give your lips more volume. They are a kind of filler for the skin. Synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a natural substance in your body, is used to make lip fillers like Restylane, Belotero, Volbella, Voluma, and Juvederm.

The most sensual part of the face is the lips. Younger people often want their faces to look more seductive and have more volume. When older lip augmentation patients get a lip augmentation procedure, they often want to get their lips back to how full they used to be. A better balance is the key to finding a good balance between facial skin harmony and the natural rejuvenation of their youth profile. Speak with your dr or nurse right away for more assistance. 

Dr. Shah Lip Anatomy: Different Lip Filler Areas

Does Lip Augmentation Cause Lip Damage?

If you get lip treatments, you might get bumps and sores on your skin,” says Dr. Shah. Lip fillers can also cause the lips to itch, which can be a sign of an allergic reaction. dermal fillers can also cause damage to the skin and scarring around the area where they are injected.

Lip injections can be used as a treatment to improve different parts of the lips. Knowing a lot about the different parts of the lip makes it easier for both the patient and the Dr. in this case Dr. Shah, one of the most well-known facial plastic surgeons in Chicago, to reach the goal of patients seeking lip fillers and getting the best look.

Here are a couple of examples:

Pillow In Lips : 

  • The softness of the lips comes from the central parts of the lips, which are called the “pillows.” Depending on the person, there can be three to two pillows on the upper lip and three to two pillows on the lower lip. We can make these pillows look fluffier and fuller by adding filler.


  • The commissure is where the lips meet. As we get older, our lips and the area around them start to lose volume. This makes us look tired and sad. By putting lip injections in this area, we can give it back its volume, making it look happier and younger.


  • The area where the patient’s nose and lips meet is called the philtrum. With filler, you can give this part of the lip shape and help it look less flat.


The part of the lip that lines the mouth is called the stoma. Some patients who look at this lip injection area may see a gap and see that the stomal could hang below or above this gap. We can even this out with dermal filler and a light touch.

Vermilion Border:

There are two parts to the vermilion border. The white border is on the part of the lip that is white, and the red border is on the part of the lip that is red. Depending on which part of the lip is augmented, we can make the lips look more elegant and give them a better shape.

Dr. Shah uses many different ways to put in fillers, such as special small needles, the cannula approach, and pillow techniques. Each lips lip augmentation is made to fit the goals of each patient!

 Lip Treatment | Reasons To Get Lip Fillers

When people get lip fillers, they often want to make their lips bigger. You might want to make your lips bigger for many reasons, such as:
  • Bringing back a previous lip size. As you get older, your lips may get smaller or thinner, your philtrum (the groove between your upper lip and your nose) may get longer and flatter, and the space between the corners of your mouth (intercommissural distance) may get bigger.
  • Making your lips look better. People’s lips are often of different sizes or shapes (asymmetrical).
  • Getting rid of wrinkles. Some people get wrinkles on the sides of their mouths when they smile or laugh.
  • Getting more confident. Lip fillers can help you feel better about yourself and how you look.

Dermal Fillers: Lip Augmentation Procedure Advantages

There are a lot of good things about lip fillers including:
  • They’re safe, and the lip filler procedure is safe, too. There’s not much chance of problems or side effects.
  • They can make you feel good about yourself.
  • They can be changed. If you don’t like how you look, your doctor can give you an enzyme (hyaluronidase) that will break down your lip filler.

Health Risks of Lip Augmentation

  • There are some risks to getting lip fillers, such as.

  • Bleeding and pain where the shots were given.

  • Cold sores come back.

  • Changes in color or softness.

  • Infection.

  • If lip filler is injected into or near an artery, it can cause tissue death (vascular compromise).

  • Some of your lips may be bigger than others (asymmetry).

  • The lip filler may bleed into other parts of your face, usually toward the nose (migration).

Lip Augmentation Procedure | Things To know About Lip Fillers!

How does Lip Fat Transfer work?

Another lip filler injection procedure would be the injection of your fat. When this method is used, fat is taken away from areas of the body like the stomach, thighs, or buttocks where it isn’t wanted. Liposuction is used to remove the fat, which is then cleaned and injected into the lips. According to Dr. Shah, this gives the lips a soft, natural look, and there is no risk of an allergic reaction because the fat comes from your own body.

How Does ClearLift work?

ClearLift procedure is a facelift lip augmentation procedure that uses a laser to make the lips look fuller, more colorful, and in better proportion to the rest of the face. Small, non-ablative lasers go deep into the lip tissue and stimulate it to change the color, natural volume, smoothness, and definition of the lips. Because the facelift lip augmentation treatment is so gentle, there is no need to numb the area. For the best results, our Chicago experts suggest having several ClearLift sessions over a few weeks.

Dermal Lip Fillers | Recovery and Outcomes

After getting a dermal lip filler procedure, some lip augmentation patients have bruising, swelling, numbness, or mild pain at the injection sites for 1–3 days. During recovery, we suggest that you move around the area as little as possible. Don’t work out for 24 hours after treatment, and don’t do anything that will make more blood flow to your face. Depending on the type of lip filler used, most results last between 3 and 12 months.

Choosing the Right Lip Augmentation for You

When you get to Zamara in Chicago, the first thing you’ll do is have a Lip Enhancement consultation with a dr or nurse in our facility. Our team takes the time to get to know each lip augmentation patient’s needs so they can figure out which treatment will give them the best lips. During your consultation, we’ll work with you to decide which type of filler will help you look your best.

After Lip Fillers 

After the lip filler procedure or If you get lip enhancements, you might get bumps and sores on your skin. Lip fillers can also cause the lips to itch, which can be a sign of an allergic reaction. Lip fillers can also cause damage to the skin and scarring around the area where they are done, your dr. or nurse may massage your lips gently to help the filler soak in. They might keep putting ice on your lips.

Your Chicago healthcare provider will watch you for up to 15 minutes to make sure you don’t have any side effects, like feeling dizzy, sick, or bleeding a lot. Once they decide you don’t need to be watched anymore, they’ll let you go home. You can drive yourself home after getting a local anesthetic because it won’t make you sleepy or dizzy. But, just in case, you might want to have a family member or friend drive you home.

Your lips may be sore, swollen, and sensitive. Most swelling goes away in 24 to 48 hours, but it could take as long as a week.
Your doctor will also set up a follow-up appointment for your lips about two weeks after the procedure. They might take another picture of your lips for your medical record so you can see how they looked before and after the procedure.
As your lips heal, the following tips will help:
  • Use an ice pack for up to 10 minutes to ease pain, swelling, and inflammation.
  • For at least 24 hours, don’t put lipstick, lip balm, or anything else on your lips.
  • Don’t touch or pucker your lips, even if you’re kissing or drinking from a straw.
  • When you brush your teeth, be careful.
  • Drink lots of water.
Some Chicago patients who had lip augmentation treatments say that their lips still looked full six months later. They also said they noticed a slight drop in volume, which was to be expected given the time frame. Some professionals aren’t sure if you should bring a picture to your appointment or not.
Everyone’s body is different, and so is the shape of their face and lips. You’re better off telling your doctor what you think you want and letting them figure out how to do the hard part.

Lip Injection Costs

The price of lip augmentation depends on:
  • What kind of procedure was done
  • Doctor’s experience
  • Who do you live with
Fillers are usually charged by the syringe. How much material is needed will determine how much it will cost.
Most people will only need one or two syringes. Prices range from $500 to $2,000 for the whole thing.
Most Chicago health insurance plans won’t pay for patients’ cosmetic surgery or any problems that may arise from it. Make sure you know how much the treatment will cost and ask your doctor if he or she has a payment plan.

At Zamara Med Spa of Chicago, lip augmentation procedures only take a few minutes, and you will leave our office with little to no bruising or swelling. Before the injections, a local anesthetic will be given to some patients who want to be numbed. After the injections are given, the area may be massaged to smooth out the filler and make sure it is spread evenly. If interested and living in Chicago or surrounding areas give us a call for all of your skin care needs and lip fillers including laser hair removal, microneedling, vampire facials, laser acne treatments, stretch mark treatments, breast reduction treatments, facelift lip augmentation, lip reduction, and more! We have the best Chicago expert nurse and dr for any problem just ask for photos and reviews when here.

Lip Filler Injection| How Do I Prepare?

Lip Injections| Does Lip Filler Disintegrate?

For those seeking lip augmentation treatment in Chicago, we recommend that you don’t take any kind of blood thinners for two weeks before your lip enhancement appointment. This will help keep you from getting bruised and bleeding. Aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, St. John’s wort, vitamin E, and alcohol can all thin the blood.

People who are thinking about getting dermal lip fillers at Chicago’s Zamara Med Spa should contact their local treatment dr or nurse before doing so and should know that they only last for a short time. After 3 to 12 months, the hyaluronic acid lip filler will break down, and you will need to keep getting treatments to keep the results. Fat transfer is a more permanent option, but you may still need touch-ups after this procedure.

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